Web Marketing

How to Promote Your Business Online & Be On The First Page of Google.

There are countless ways to promote your website. Some work well for one industry and not work at all for another. Our experience will definitely save you both time and money.

Search Engine Optimization
SEO is the way you make sure your website is one of the first ones your prospect sees. Our systems make this both affordable and successful 100% of the time.
Pay Per Click
PPC can get traffic in less than 15 minutes. Our proprietary “Gatekeeper System” enriches the abilities of PPCs and reduces costs by 70% or more.
Online Classified Ads
There are many free sites and they work very well for certain industries. We can guide your use of these sites.
Direct Marketing
We find prospects that have the same demographics as your best customers and build a targeted database of these prospects.
Affiliate Programs
Affiliates send prospective buyers to your website and get paid a commission when a sale is made or a lead is delivered. Our systems identify the best affiliates and our creative staff provides them with the sales tools they need.
Industry-Specific Promotional Methods
Each industry has some promotional techniques that are specific to that industry. For example, if your business is a travel agency, you can list your packages on Expedia, a much-used travel site. We know how to find the best ones.
Alliance Marketing
Make an arrangement with a complementary business so you can exchange prospects and clients makes for faster growth for both companies. Alliance marketing isn’t limited and can include many businesses all working together.
Online Advertising
Online advertising can be graphic or text. Graphic advertising can be in the form of banners, both static and animated. Text advertising is when a blogger or webmaster writes an article about your products or services and includes a text link to your website. New online advertising methods are being developed continually.
Local Services and Directories
Being listed in as many directories as possible and on local maps will help your prospects find you, and it helps with your SEO. There are free directories, niche-specific directories, and paid directories.
Offline Marketing
Websites can be promoted anywhere – business cards, store receipt tapes, signs, billboards, radio, TV – the options are endless.
The Bottom Line
The most important thing is learning which techniques are profitable for your business and which are not. We use tracking, testing, and optimizing to find the best strategies for you. A tracking system allows you to figure out how your visitors found you, which marketing campaigns are bringing you profits, and which ones are losing you money.

Choose Professional PPC (Pay Per Click) Management

ICG is driven to help you achieve maximum results in website visibility, conversions and return on investment. We are immersed in the world of online marketing and we understand the subtleties that make a campaign successful.

It begins with developing a realistic budget. Then we begin implementing bidding strategies that fit that budget. Your PPC campaign will be running immediately.

We gauge its effectiveness by measuring results on an hourly basis. Our proprietary “Gatekeeper System” allows us to make strategic adjustments on a moment’s notice.