Take advantage of Position Tracking to Improve SEO Performance

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In the world of SEO, you know a tool that will greatly assist your task in optimizing each of your SEO strategies. One of the most frequently used tools is SEMRush.

SEMRush is an SEO tool that can be used to research keywords, measure the performance of the keyword strategy used by your competitors, SEO audit, and many more.

SEMRush is very popular because it can alleviate and improve the quality of the SEO strategy implemented, therefore there is no mistaking why there are so many agencies up to large companies using this tool.

But there is one feature that you can use to enhance further the quality of your SEO strategy. The name of this feature is position tracking.

1. Get to know Position Tracking

Position tracking is useful for tracking the daily ranking of a website for a set of customized target keywords. You can also set this feature to track in a specific geographical location or what device is being used.

The main points possessed by this tool are:

  • Ability to track keywords and domains – even those not in the SEMrush database
  • Track and compare several geographical locations or types of devices in one project
  • New featured snippet report to increase further the chance of appearing in the featured snippet
  • Local SEO tracking that is easy
  • Rest PDF reports sharing results with teams and clients

2. Why is Position Tracking Important?

This feature is important because, with this feature, you can see how every effort you make results, and see which pages get the most traffic, while seeing which pages are underperforming so that later you can fix this. And also monitor the ranking of your competitors.

Position tracking will identify all kinds of unique features of SERP, which you can use to find features of SERP that are suitable for your niche and target keywords. Coupled with daily updates and weekly email reports. And if you need to provide reports to clients, it will be very easy to pull in pdf data that is easy to read.

3. Historical Data

One other advantage is that you can see historical data when you add new competitors to track.

Suppose you start a campaign on January 1, 2019, without adding competitors to be measured. Then on January 1, 2020, you added 2 competitors to measure. Then you can see all their data before the 1st January 2020.

This will be very useful to see how the trends and changes in your target keywords. That will improve your perspective going forward. You can also export data from tools other than SEMRush. But you can only use this feature if you have an annual Teacher package and Business subscriptions.

4. Deleting

One of the disadvantages of this tool is that when you want to delete a tool, you must remove the entire campaign. This means you will lose a variety of other tools that you have used, such as site audits, social media posters, and others.

So make sure you are absolutely 100% sure to delete a project because your data will be lost forever.

Position tracking is a very useful tool for managing and optimizing your campaign. Take advantage of this tool to further improve your SEO.

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