Start Your SEO Campaign with the Following Steps

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Making good, successful SEO requires several factors. SEO in 2019 is very different from SEO in 2012. Many things change according to the algorithm changes that occur.

SEO tips have felt Penguin, Panda, Payday, and many other changes. The way of making SEO has also changed. Below I will show you how to make good SEO for you.

RankBrain & Keyword Ranking

RankBrain is a machine that studies algorithms (AI) from Google that are used to compile search results. This will help Google to process and understand search queries that will help you to make SEO.

Keyword ranking and research have drastically changed a lot due to algorithm changes. Google understands user intent more than keywords, and Google can identify synonyms of a specific keyword. So now, keyword optimization seems to be replaced; content optimization is more critical.

RankBrain will learn new keywords every day. So that search results are more user-friendly, making it easier for users to find what they want to find. The above are important points of SEO in 2019, by understanding the above points you are ready to create your SEO campaign.

1. Analyze the Settings of Your Website

The basic thing you need to know is about your own website. If you do not “know” your site, of course, you will be confused to know what parts should be optimized or what should be done.

  • What is the platform of your website?
    Is your platform up-to-date or even outdated? This factor is very important to make SEO. More modern platforms like WordPress and HubSpot, faster, safer, and easier to optimize.
    It would be cheaper to move your website to a more modern platform than paying someone to optimize an outdated platform.
  • What about the design? Do you have to replace it?
    Deciding to change website design is not easy. It could be that the design that you are using now has its own value for you or your company. But it is not designed for SEO and is not user-friendly.

Not just keywords and strategies, user-friendly websites will greatly affect the results of your SEO.

2. Making Topic & Keyword Research

As we know, optimization on topics is more important than keywords. But that does not mean we can use random keywords. Keyword research is still important. Research is conducted to find out what keywords are relevant to the topic, which will be optimized.

The topic is the first thing you have to determine, and you can get ideas for topics by brainstorming first. And the topic usually consists of only two syllables.
After having a topic, do some research to find out which parts of your website will be optimized. Able to use SEMRush or other tools that you can use.

Pay attention to any keywords that get ranked, then pay attention to your competitors’ keywords. After that, take advantage of existing tools to conduct research. After you get the results of your research, you can choose whatever keywords you will associate with your content topic.

3. Build Your Pillar Content Strategy

If you do not use the content properly, then you can lose a significant ranking because now the content is the core of a website. Similar to Google’s algorithm, the way to create SEO content has changed.
Long-tail keyword research is a very important thing to do to shape your content strategy. This long-tail keyword will be used as the title of the article, or it can be called as pillar content pieces.

Pillar content is a long content that can be in the form of an E-book or a guide on some specific topics that have been created or the latest content. The idea is, visitors will read this content and spend their time reading it and getting more information than what is just sought.

Topic clusters are used to support this pillar content. Use long-tail keywords to create relevant content that will refer back to your pillar content.

By linking back the content that you created to the Pillar content that has been created, it is as if you are telling Google that the page and the content that is around it is a vital part of your website and explains what you are doing for your users. This will help your website achieve a higher ranking.

4. Perform an SEO Audit

SEO audit is the first step in making your SEO. Therefore it is very important to understand how to do SEO audits. An audit will help you find out which parts need improvement for your on-page SEO. And can also give you information about the strengths and weaknesses of your off-site SEO. SEMRush, Moz, and Ahrefs provide tools that can be used to audit your SEO.

5. Determine and Track Your Goals

Never forget to determine your idea from the start. Goals are things that you must achieve with your SEO strategy. Do not forget to track your Goals so that the SEO strategy that you make does not deviate and in accordance with the Goals that you have specified and can also be an indicator of whether your SEO has been successful or not.

The best thing you can measure is what people do when they get to your website. By tracking user behavior, you can find out if people are coming to your website, and whether they enjoy it with your website.
All of this can be interpreted by looking at the number of visits, bounce rates, and website engagement. Google Analytics is one tool that you can use.

6. Do your On-Site Optimization

If you already have Goals and strategies set to track, the next process is to implement these things. Make sure your site is free from errors. And make sure you have PIllar Content so that you can enter an internal link to your pillar content. And do content optimization with your targeted keywords.

7. Do your Local SEO

Local SEO will help local businesses to promote your business and services to local consumers while they are looking for a business that suits your type of business.

Make sure your Google My Business is running, and see if the address shown is correct and matches what is on your website. Maximize this process by adding images and descriptions of your business.

8. Back Link

Link building is important for SEO. Search engines will use links to find new site pages and help search engines determine how well a page ranks in their search results.

Make sure the sites that link to your website have nothing toxic that will damage your website in the long run. The ultimate goal of learning how to create SEO is to strengthen your knowledge, and so you understand how to start an SEO strategy.

One thing you should pay attention to successful SEO is SEO that is carefully regulated and always optimized for the best results. SEO is not a thing to do once.

How does the above can help you to find out how to make SEO? If you have other opinions, share them in the comments column.