An Editable Website
Keep your website current. We provide our proprietary “CMS,” a back-end website manager that allows complete control of your site so you can make updates instantly with user-friendly screens. No techical skills required.
Internet Marketing  ICGLP has updated their PPC and SEO platform to include custom keyword research, analytics and community marketing.
A Profitable Website
Generate a return on investment with your website.
Email and back-end web reports provided.
Experienced Programmers
Our staff can work with DOS, FoxPro and many more programs that are still up-and-running but no longer supported.
Custom Application Development
We work with you to match strategic needs with the best possible technology. We design innovative, distinctive solutions and implement practical, sensible software.
Internet Development
B2B (business-to-business), B2C (business-to-consumer), Sales Force Automation (centralized contact management, account management), Web Enabling AS/400 Applications (putting web front-ends on current AS/400 applications), Order Entry Systems, Inventory, Accounting, Purchasing, MRP, JIT, Forecasting
VisualBasic, FoxPro, Access, SQL Server, Oracle, PL SQL, Oracle Forms

Evolve with the Internet

Technologies like streaming audio and video, animations and Java have become standard elements of the latest websites. However, the Internet is littered with corporate websites that failed to evolve and, consequently, fail to attract users. We have the technical skills to keep your website on the cutting edge.

Web Marketing

Our Gatekeeper System puts your website on the first pages of the major search engines at a fraction of the cost that others charge. The Gatekeeper System uses your customers’ demographic profile and proprietary tools to drive business to your site.

Staff Augmentation

Our consultants are prepared to meet any service requirement you may have.

Our Professional Development System is individually created for each of our consultants. It includes specialized training and timely evaluations to insure the assignments they are given are in line with their talents.

To guarantee your satisfaction, our management will meet with your IT staff on a monthly basis to review account activities. The topics usually consist of filled orders, unfilled orders, open orders, anticipated orders, trend analysis and skill requirements.