Creative Process

Steps in Creating Your Website

  1. Discussion – First, we need to understand your goal. Let’s discuss what you like and how you want the website to look, and what content will be included.
  2. Materials – Any specific images or documents you want to be included should be given to your Project Leader for study.
  3. Payment – A deposit of 50% is standard. This ensures that we spend the proper time designing the website. We accept both checks and credit cards.
  4. Prototype – We present an initial “look and feel” in a design mock-up of your home page.
  5. Prototype Revising – You make your list of revisions and changes. You can request any number of changes. Give this list to your project leader.
  6. Prototype Editing – We make the changes you requested and submit it to you again. We will continue making changes until you are completely satisfied.
  7. Prototype Finalization – Once you are completely satisfied with the prototype, we begin implementation.
  8. Implementing – We begin making the actual pages for your website.
  9. Total Website Revision – Once again, if you want changes, just make your list.
  10. Final Approval – Once you give your Final Approval we prepare your final invoice. We upload the site when your payment is received.
  11. Search Engines – Your website is submitted to over 20 search engines so it can be found easily.
  12. Transfer of Files – All of your website files are transferred to you, including our back-end website manager that allows complete control of your new site.