7 Popular Instagram Reels Content Ideas 2022

8 Popular Instagram Reels Content Ideas 2022

As one of the most popular video-based content, media, there are many content ideas that are trending among Reels Instagram users.

Starting from music content, dance covers, challenges, and tips & tricks are widely used by creators because they produce good engagement.

Although not as long as IGTV, Reels videos are able to attract the attention of users with interesting content formats.

What kind of content can you use to get good engagement? Come on, see more in the following article!

Popular Instagram Reels Content Ideas

1. Video Tutorials

Video tutorials are Reel content ideas that contain how or step-by-step the use of a particular product or activity and is teaching.

Many interesting ideas from video tutorials make it easy for you to create concepts from content, such as makeup videos, videos using hair straighteners, or hijab tutorial videos.

Remember, you have to pay attention to the duration of the video and be able to package it in a concise but detailed way with information. This is because the duration of Reels content is not long.

2. Content Tips and Tricks

The content type of tips and tricks is actually almost the same as video tutorials. However, tips and tricks contain more information to solve a particular problem from the audience. So it’s not a teaching video.

You need to make observations about what topics are the concern of the audience. And again, duration is the problem with this content.

With a duration of 30-60 seconds, you should be able to give a video solving a problem with a short and clear solution.


3. Fashion

Fashion content has always been a favorite of many Instagram users. You can give outfit recommendations, tips on how to mix and match clothing colors and provide recommendations for accessories that suit certain types of styles.

Fans of fashion trends or fashion enthusiasts usually like to use reel content as a medium to share their interesting fashion ideas.

This type of content is widely liked because it becomes a reference for Instagram users in choosing trendy styles and fashion styles.

You can do research related to contemporary, casual, to classic 90s fashion styles as content material.

4. Video Cover

For those of you who like to sing, this content idea is perfect for you to create. In addition to voice capital, you also need to have a different and out-of-the-box style of music.

For example, you can cover an international song into a dangdut song, or vice versa to attract an audience.

In essence, you have to be able to look different and don’t just have your cover and music skills. You also have to be able to attract and have a special selling point for each of your content.

Not only that, but cover music can also be a means for you to express your musical talent.

5. A Day in My Life

“A day in my life” content is powerful content that has a lot of fans. If you don’t have any ideas for Instagram reels content, you can try this type of user-generated content by involving your daily activities.

You can make videos that highlight your study, work, or activities at home.

6. Review

Everyone definitely needs a video review before buying something or visiting a place. You can choose review topics such as products, books, movies, music, tourist attractions, and much more.

However, because this content is in great demand and there are also many users who create it, you can make unique combinations with certain language styles, gestures, and expressions as a selling point that you offer from your content.

7. Food Recipes

You can make many variants of food recipes that can be reached by many users. Such as simple Japanese food, making a birthday cake for a girlfriend, or lunch ideas for boarding children.

So, those are 7 popular Instagram Reels content ideas that you can use as a reference for creating an account. Good luck!

8. Marketing and Promotion

Nowadays, Instagram reels also can provide you with many marketing ideas. The most popular one is online gambling promotion, which has been skyrocketing in recent years.

You can reap a lot of profit using the Instagram reel for promotion, especially in this niche. One of the most footage we have seen is from SBOBET, which said one of the biggest online gambling sites in Asia.

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Macro Influencers

Get to Know Macro Influencers

In this golden age of social media, influencers are one of the most influential professions for brand awareness activities. Therefore, not a few brands collaborate with various influencers in an effort to make their marketing campaign strategies a success, starting from Mega Influencers, Macro Influencers, Micro-Influencers, to Nano Influencers.

Well, in this article, we will discuss one of the four categories above, namely Macro Influencers.

What are Macro Influencers? How big is the impact?

Get to know Macro Influencers

According to a quote from Upluence, Macro Influencers are professional influencers who have 500,000 to 1,000,000 followers on social media.

Usually they are more active on Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube, and dedicate most of their time to creating engaging content on these social media. In Indonesia, maybe Socialty knows him better as “Selebgram”.

Macro Influencers vs Micro Influencers, What’s the Difference?

As mentioned earlier, in Influencer Marketing, influencers are divided into four categories based on the number of followers (followers) they have on social networks. Besides Mega Influencers, Nano Influencers, and Macro Influencers, there are also Micro-Influencers.

Then, what is the difference between these Macro and Micro-Influencers?

Unlike Macro, which has a wider follower range, Micro-Influencers can be said to be the ‘lite’ version, Socialty!

Influencers who fall into this micro category have a number of followers at 10,000 to 50,000 people.

Even though they are relatively small, their influence in increasing engagement is also no less large, you know.

Advantages of Macro Influencers

Socialty must be curious, how much benefit can we get if we work with this type of influencer. Here are some reasons why Macro Influencer services are needed in the world of digital campaigns:

Reach a Wider Audience

Influencers in this category have a wider and wider audience reach, which means there are more pairs of eyes seeing the promotional content posted. This of course will have a big impact on the brands that collaborate with them because they get the attention of the same large audience.

Increase Brand Awareness and Sales

Macro Influencers usually have millions of followers from various backgrounds, which will be very helpful for brands who want to campaign their business to various (non-specific) target audiences.

With such a wide audience reach, it is not impossible that the products promoted by the influencer will be sold out in a matter of hours–or even minutes, you know!

High Credibility and More Expert

This third point is also one of the advantages that should be taken into account. Judging from the number of masses, Socialty can say that Macro Influencers are not beginner influencers.

They certainly have more experience in running marketing campaigns, and even have their own team – whether it’s a photographer, videographer, or manager who specializes in handling content marketing strategies.

That way, they are more professional and are experts in their fields.

Weaknesses of Macro Influencers

Where there are advantages, there must also be disadvantages. Macro influencers are no exception. Anything?

Relatively High Price

Macro-type influencers are indeed very effective in increasing brand awareness, but the costs that need to be spent are clearly much more expensive.

But, maybe the effect you get will be proportional to the budget that comes out, huh!

Sometimes Many Requirements Are Not Easy

When a Macro Influencer agrees to collaborate with you, it is likely that there will be many requirements from them that you must fulfill.

For example, when you invite them to take a shoot at a place, they may ask you to prepare various first class facilities during your activities in that place.

Indeed, not all macro influencers have quite difficult demands, but they definitely need comfort as well for smooth collaboration.

Longer Process

To invite Macro Influencers to work together, it is not limited to sending direct messages (DM) to their social media accounts, then talking about things related to collaboration. When compared to Micro Influencers, pre-collaborating with macro influencers requires extra effort.

For example, you have to first contact their manager or agency, then after that you have to go through an interview process to find out how well your brand fits the influencer and his audience, until finally you have to wait for your turn again because the influencer is still bound by an agreement with a row of other brands.

Engagement tends to be low

With more diverse and non-specific followers, it could be that macro influencers don’t have a relationship that is too engaged with their audience.

This is due to their limitations in responding to comments, or simply answering audience questions in direct messages (DM). So, brands that need the active involvement of the influencer will definitely find it difficult.

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Brand Ambassador

Brand Ambassador: Understanding, Tasks, and Tips for Becoming a BA!

Socialty must have heard the term Brand Ambassador, right? Starting from beauty brands, fashion, or even technology brands also have brand ambassadors (BA) as their representation.

The function of “brand ambassador” aka brand ambassador is not only as a representation or brand representative. However, the existence of BA actually has a big influence on brands or companies, you know. About anything, huh?

Well, in this Socialights article, we will thoroughly discuss the things you need to know about brand ambassadors. Stay tuned!

What are Brand Ambassadors?

From what is stated on the EveryoneSocial page, brand ambassadors are people who are hired to represent a brand–or company to increase brand awareness, and to drive product sales to new audiences.

These people usually come from celebrities or public figures with large audiences.

In the B2B business, the brand ambassadors employed are from among the employees of their own company. For example, employees from the Marketing, Sales, Human Resources (HR) divisions, or the Product Engineering division.

Then, does the brand ambassador get paid for this job? Of course. However, the amount of salary they get depends on the contract agreement; some are hourly, and some are daily, weekly, or even yearly.

Duties of a Brand Ambassador

As someone who represents a brand, BA certainly has several duties and responsibilities that must be carried out. These tasks are usually stated in the cooperation contract or agreement. Then, what are the duties of BA? Check it out below!

Brand Promotion Media on Social Media

In the digital era, promotions use social media a lot. If BA usually promotes products through advertisements on television, nowadays most of them have turned to social media. BA has a special task to promote the advantages of the brand and its products to the audience.

The frequency of promotion time carried out by BA is quite frequent when compared to influencers who both promote brands/products on social media. This is because BA and the company are bound by long-term contracts. So, BA is very likely to promote products from a brand for several campaign programs.

Maintaining a Positive Brand Reputation

Brand Ambassadors have more responsibility to maintain the reputation or image of the brand. The reason is, BA is the same as a brand representative. Maintaining a brand reputation helps increase public trust. The more trusted by the public, the better the reputation of the brand.

Bringing Brands and Customers closer

Brand ambassadors have their own target audience. Audiences who have followed the BA have great potential to use the products being promoted. If someone becomes a BA and promotes products from a brand, the brand will be closer to the customer or vice versa.

As for some other BA tasks, namely:

  • Have thorough knowledge of the brand it represents
  • Help plan, develop, and implement marketing campaign ideas or endorsements with the sales & marketing team
  • Help check and analyze product features
  • Maintain good relations with all relevant teams in the company, with clients, and with customers
  • Representing the brand or company at various important events; such as conferences, seminars, or media coverage
  • Participate in analyzing the results of marketing campaigns and strategies.

Difference between Brand Ambassador and Influencer

Both promote brands and products through social media, surely you are wondering about the difference between BA and influencer. Actually, BA and influencer have some differences. To put it simply, BA is mostly more exclusive to regularly promoting 1-2 brands.

Brand Ambassador as the face of a brand will focus more on increasing brand awareness of the product. Meanwhile, influencers mostly focus on sales, thus encouraging people to buy and use the product.

In terms of the employment contract, BA has a longer contract. In addition to long contracts, some brands require that a BA be bound by a contract only to the brand under the company’s umbrella. This is different from influencers who only promote on one campaign or a short period of time.

If you still want to know more about influencers, you can read the article here.

In essence, as reported by the Majestic Monitor page, influencers can promote products in their own unique way in a short period of time; eg for one, two, or three times posting.

Reasons a Business Needs a Brand Ambassador

As quoted from Sideqik, the points below will show the reasons why a business needs the services of a BA for its marketing success. Anything?

Protecting Company Reputation

As long as a representative of the company, BA should be fully responsible for the reputation of the company. BA must display the best image in the eyes of the public. If it’s the other way around, the company will also be affected and even lose big.

Moreover, BA commitments are longer and longer than influencers, so they must always make a good impression while they are with the company, or even beyond.

Audience of High Potential Brand Ambassador

You could say, BA is a “word of mouth” weapon in advertising. Socialty definitely understands how effective word of mouth is to promote products. Anyway, it’s no less effective than promoting through digital platforms. Well, BA is one of the parties that can do this word-of-mouth promotion.

Through its relationships – both online and in the real world, BA can build the trust of its audience in the products being promoted. We also definitely believe more in product reviews that are recommended directly by our friends, right?

That’s roughly the function of BA: to build trust and provide insight regarding its brand so that brand awareness and sales can increase.

Increase Website Visitor Traffic

This is a great advantage if the brand ambassador himself also has a blog or website. BA can contribute by creating marketing-smelling content on his blog.

In addition, BA can backlink, or link a URL link to the company’s website on its website blog. Where later the blog audience from BA can directly visit the company’s website. The result? Traffic visitors to the company’s site can be crowded, deh!

Tips for Becoming a Brand Ambassador

So, if you want to become a BA, what do you need to have? Or, how?

Have a Unique Personality

“Unique” here means that you must have its own characteristics. What you display in the public eye, must be related to the brand you represent.

For example, you are BA from a healthy food brand. Through social media, blogs, or other platforms, you can display your “healthy” lifestyle by diligently exercising, introducing various types of complete nutritious foods, and using healthy food products from the brand you represent.

Social Media Savvy is a Must!

In addition to word of mouth, you really need to promote via social media. Therefore, a BA must understand how to use social media very well – including creating content on it.

Find the Brand You Want to Represent

If you become a BA, you can start looking for brands whose niche suits you. If you are an athlete, it means that you are very suitable to represent a sports product brand.

According to SendPulse, it’s a good idea to first learn about your target brand about their values, basic principles, and what kind of people they need.

Ready to “Join” Wherever the Company Goes

Like an “official bond”, you must be ready to attend various events that are made or attended by the company later. Whether it’s just attending–or even leading an event, a BA position will give you more opportunities to travel with the company.

Well, now you know a few things about brand ambassadors, right?


You can find other interesting insights about the world of brand ambassadors, influencers, and content creators by downloading the Socialights platform, you know!

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Buzz Marketing Strategy Success Tips, Prospective Influencers Must Know!

A campaign can be declared successful for many reasons. One of them is when the ongoing promotion becomes a public conversation. To do this, brands and influencers should consider a buzz marketing strategy.

However, what is buzz marketing? Here’s a full explanation that you need to know. Listen to the end, yes!

Get to know Buzz Marketing

Buzz marketing is a strategy that functions to maximize marketing and promotion by sharing information by word of mouth through social media.

This strategy usually carries a unique and interesting concept, so that the audience becomes curious about the products offered. In short, this concept is more towards one-sided ‘opinion driving’, the audience is confused and finds out about the product.

The purpose of the buzz marketing strategy is to convince consumers through promotions carried out by other consumers. So, during the campaign process, buzz marketing will rely a lot on the consumer’s point of view to convince consumers and potential candidates that the product is of good quality.

However, because marketing by word of mouth is less effective in this era, many brands and influencers also use social media platforms to contain many target markets.

Types of Buzz Marketing

After knowing what buzz marketing is, here are the types of buzz marketing strategies that you need to know.

1. Taboo

The Taboo type uses a controversial subject and aims to produce an object so that the audience intervenes to join the conversation. However, this type of strategy has risks, namely in the form of negative reactions from other audiences.

2. Hilarious

Hilarious is a buzzer strategy that relies on comedic elements in its advertising subjects. With the comedy element, the audience is expected to be attracted by the relaxed impression of the brand being marketed.

Type is also a technique that has no negative risk in the eyes of the audience. So, this type is very effective for those of you who want to highlight branding first, because the audience becomes easier to recognize the identity of the brand.

3. Outrageous

The outrageous type provides a subject that is surprising to the audience. During the campaign process, this type will put more pressure on something that seems surprising. The goal is for the audience to be curious about the surprise, then find out more about the brand or product being advertised.

4. Secret

As the name implies, this type puts forward the secret aspects stored in the product. This is so that the audience becomes curious about what is in the secret. By prioritizing the ‘secret’ element, of course, the audience will ask questions and be curious to find out more about the products offered.

5. Unusual

This type is a promotional technique that emphasizes the unique elements of a product as the main object. So, the product will describe something different so that the audience is curious about the uniqueness that is stored.

How to Create a Successful Buzz Marketing?

After determining the type of strategy you will use, it’s time to make a plan so that your strategy runs successfully.

1. Collaborate

Influencers and brand ambassadors can help your product reach a wider audience in the campaign process. However, you also need to know that there are various types of influencers.

There are macro-influencers, micro-influencers, and nano-influencers. Well, you just adjust the level to the needs of the campaign.

2. Use PPC Campaigns

PPC (Pay per click) campaigns can increase the reach of your campaign process so that it runs quickly but within budget.

Several types of PPC campaigns are Google Display and Facebook Ads, both of which can reach your target audience.

3. Share to Social Media

The next method that you will definitely do is to spread the campaign on social media. Therefore, you have to prepare many aspects, one of which is the design of the content that you will upload on the platform you are using.

The more beautiful the design you make, the more likely your product will be the talk of many people who will become your next potential customer.

Good luck!

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How to Make Content Have the Right Market

Niche Market: How to Make Content Have the Right Market

Currently, there are millions of social media users who have different interests. Have you ever imagined how an influencer gets millions of followers? That can happen because of the niche market, they have created. With a niche market, branding and content created by influencers will be easier to enter the market. However, what exactly is the meaning of a niche market? Check out the discussion in the following article.

What is a Niche Market?

Niche market is understood as a much more specific target consumer or market. Usually, this term is used when building a business. However, now the term is also used personally, especially for influencers who want to build their own persona.

Building a brand and finding the right target is a great result in the world of social media. Through this niche, you can easily attract followers as you wish. Not only being ogled by followers, you also have the potential to be contacted by the brand if you and the brand have a similar niche market.

For example, influencers like Tasya Farasya have a niche target of people who like makeup and skincare. That way, the content created on social media is about beauty. In addition, he will potentially be easily ogled by beauty brands because they have the same niche market. Promotion will be easier.

How to Determine Niche Market on Social Media

The number of social media users may make you think it is difficult to determine the right and appropriate niche. You can follow the following method to determine the niche market of your social media account.

Adjust to Your Interests

The first step to determining your niche is to find out what interests and things you like the most. That way, you will enjoy the content creation process and find it easier to master the topic. For example, if you like gadgets, then start making reviews about gadgets or tips on choosing gadgets.

Do Content Research from Competitor Influencers

Niche market is not only owned by one influencer. Well, you can take advantage of this by doing content research from influencers who have the same interests. Through research, you can see roughly what content is most suitable for that niche.

Create Unique and Characteristic Content

Creating the same content as competitors will definitely look boring and less creative. You can explore different types of content to present to the market. So, the content created looks fresher. Also, make sure the content that you create has a characteristic so that it is easy for followers to remember, it can be from the use of sentences or content formats.

Test Content to Niche Market

If you have some content ideas, you can test them out. The goal is to be able to find which content is the most suitable and liked by followers with the niche that you have created.

Well, those are 4 easy steps in determining the most suitable niche for you as an influencer. That way, followers will be more specific so that each content will be easier to create. Have you determined the niche market of each social media yet?

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Instagram Bio Links

Optimization of Instagram Bio Links to Increase Engagement

As we already know, Instagram is a very large social media platform, so social media marketing through the Instagram channel is also quite important. Moreover, the endorsement phenomenon is increasingly widespread and it is easy to find new accounts with tens of thousands of followers. For this reason, a brand needs to maximize this platform by optimizing the biographical profile page on the brand’s Instagram account.

However, the most annoying thing on the Instagram platform is that it is only allowed to put one link in the profile bio section.

So that method will not be effective when you want to promote many things in one opportunity. In the end, you can only write a link in the bio repeatedly in the feed or story section and the link, and unfortunately, the link changes continuously. Followers will certainly find it difficult to reach the call to action (CTA) link in the bio you mean.

But you can get around this by using third-party applications. This time we will recommend a tool that is most often used by influencersonline shops, and many brands, namely Linktree.

Linktree is an Instagram bio link tool that appeared in 2016 and is the most popular on the internet. At its core, Linktree is just a tool for creating all-purpose landing pages for free that help you lead to many other links. Linktree can be accessed easily because all you have to do is click on the Instagram profile bio. This is a neat and elegant solution to the problem of not being able to put lots of links on Instagram.

Linktree allows you to brand your versatile landing page with your Instagram profile and name at the top. Setup is very easy. There are also some basic statistics that tell you about a very basic audience.

Benefits of Linktree in Instagram Bio

Benefits of Linktree in Instagram Bio

Linktree is an essential Instagram marketing tool for any brand or influencer and can provide a number of important benefits. Here are some important benefits of links in the Instagram bio.

  • Being a cross-platform promotion tool – You can use this tool to cross-promote by linking to other social pages. For example, put a YouTube video promotional content link.
  • Increase the number of clicks – gives your Instagram audience more click choices, thereby increasing the likelihood that they will actually click. This process increases your click count, which is one of the most important Instagram metrics.
  • More targeted – having more links to choose from means you can do more Instagram campaigns targeting different people according to their persona. So you can measure which targeted links are effective in attracting more and more potential customers.
  • More affiliate sales – You can add one (or more) affiliate links to your link landing pages as well as your personal or online business brand links .
  • Better branding – You can insert your brand image in your account link in your Instagram bio for better imagery and visual identity.

Linktree can be used as a way to optimize your Instagram account bio for free (but there is also a PRO, the features are definitely more complete), simple and easy to make, can include a WhatsApp number link and there are reports of how many times and which links have been clicked the most. May be useful!



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How to Make Good Articles For Your Website in Casino Niche

In developing an online business, each company that has a website will often update the content for the web regularly. Usually, the content is in the form of relevant persuasion writing to the extent that it can persuade the reader. In addition to quality, the performance of writing that will appear on search engines like Google is also important for your attention. Because from that performance can assess a large number of audiences who will access your writing.

Website writing content writers must know the rules of writing and mastering the technique of writing SEO-friendly writing (Search Engine Optimization) or commonly known as SEO-friendly. Knowledge and skills must be implemented by the author when creating articles to get maximum performance. The purpose of this strategy is to display website writing on the first page of a search engine. Thus, opportunities and facilities for readers to access are even greater.

Articles with good SEO will stimulate the amount of traffic that comes to your site. For presenting quality writing is important, but if you do not listen to SEO, quality writing may not appear on the first page. Because of that, SEO friendly is very urgent for you to apply so that writing is in accordance with the rules decided by Google. Especially in the Casino niche, which some Experts said that it’s one of the hardest niche in blogging. You can learn from many Casino and Sportsbook online site that provide most of the famous slot game and fish hunter online.

Then, how to make SEO friendly writing techniques that are right for your business? Check out the following explanation.

1. Determine the keywords that have high search volume numbers

Determining keywords or keywords before writing is the first step you must do to write SEO friendly writing. You must know which keywords are often searched by our audience on search engines. So identifying who your target audience is important you are working to assess what keywords we should use.

2. Create the solutive articles that your target audience needs

Google’s search engine can write user satisfaction over the search results they do. The satisfaction record is carried out according to predetermined indicators, many of which are the number of posts given by users, as well as how much time they spent listening to the article.

That way, after understanding how much the user is interested in your writing, it can be mentioned that the writing that we present fills the user’s expectations. So, you can display written content with comprehensive content and can reply to audience questions. From here, Google will submit additional points if your writing fills audience expectations.

3. Put the focus keyword to taste

Using focus keywords is indeed urgent to find high rankings. But you also have to be careful not to use it excessively or repeatedly. Because, if our article is identified as containing excessive keywords, the quality decreases.

Apart from these apart from SEO regulations, try to keep your writing content as logical and natural as possible, so that readers can enjoy it.

4. Use the correct writing rules for articles

To create quality writing, you need basic knowledge related to correct writing conventions. So when the article is published, the audience will judge that the writing that you are making is writing with high professionalism. This can certainly build a good reputation for your company.

Usually, to reach this professionalism, each company has a professional editor who is exclusive to check and refine your writing.

5. Link articles with internal and external links

When making a post that will be published online, you need to include a link in it. These links can be internal links or external links. The purpose of the link in the article is as a source of further information from the relevant topic’s main article.

Internal links refer to other posts on the same site. While external links lead to links from other websites, each of these links has a different advantage. The function of internal links is to get the reader to work on the relevant exploration of other writings on your site. So, by accessing the link and reading other writings, readers will take a long time to settle on your website.

Whereas for external links, the function is to build reader confidence that we have sufficient references, and have researched the posts we publish.

Also, external links can increase your site’s ranking. And shows that we have a goal to submit knowledge and understanding to educate all readers, although, in the end, it sends our readers into other site pages.

That’s the right tips to make quality SEO friendly writing that you can implement for your company’s website.

In addition to content, a different important thing, and we must provide for customers is the ease of doing transactions. When a potential buyer has listened to the weighted content quality of your company and products, so there can be an increase in sales.

When working on purchases, buyers do not want to be bothered in the transaction process. For that, online shop transaction services that take advantage of convenience, encourage prospective buyers, and do not hesitate to work on payments. In responding to this matter, the owner of an online shop can use a payment gateway like Xendit as its payment system because Xendit offers an integrated payment receipt feature.

Payment methods integrated by Xendit are bank transfers, credit cards, virtual accounts, and retail outlets like Alfamart. With the many types of payment methods that can be accepted by an online store, surely the opportunity to cause buyers to grow.

You can ask questions about payment gateway and Xendit features by contacting support teams that are ready to help you. Also, Xendit provides a free trial that you can directly use for free.

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7 Websites to Learn the Best Digital Marketing that You Should Know

Maybe for beginner digital marketers will be confused to explore what site references can be read as a first step to learn digital marketing. Website marketing and blogs provide a lot of knowledge that is needed by every individual who is just learning internet marketing and even for professional marketers.

The advantage is because the world of digital marketing is a place where telemarketers must know what new and changing information quickly; on the one hand, all marketers must have accurate and updated reading sources.

Nearly every blog in the setup below offers important resources and information that is very useful for all telemarketers. Today I will be happy to distribute 11 of the best websites and blogs to learn something related to Digital Marketing.

# Marketing Profs

MarketingProfs is one of the webs that has material that is very helpful for all marketers, marketing teams, and many other large organizations in the world to move into modern marketing.

MarketingProfs educational material will provide you with a real solution for our team to tackle general and unusual marketing problems. At Marketing Profs, you can learn from many very well-known marketing experts in the internet marketing industry.

# Unbounce Blog

Unbounce Blog offers many suggestions from experienced marketing and submits suggestions on how to optimize conversions to help you increase the effectiveness of your online marketing strategy. Tips from some experienced on Unbounce blogs can help you to add marketing campaigns / our marketing efforts in the future.

# Hubspot Blog

Hubspot has a magnificent blog that covers many learning topics about sales and marketing, classified as A / B testing (A / B Testing), content marketing, and email marketing from HubSpot are also famous because they have the software and so many tools for optimizing digital businesses your marketing.

Outside the product offering. Hubspot blogs also provide complete learning about what must be done by both novice and professional marketers. They offer a sophisticated strategy where they announce whether the stages are successful or not.

And they handed us an online training and finished with an internet marketing exam that would give us an inbound marketing certificate when we passed the test, and all of you telemarketers can show this certificate to the company where they applied for the activity.

# Kissmetrics

Kissmetrics helps entrepreneurs to avoid battles that are difficult for you to win (Something difficult to achieve because the competition is quite tight) by utilizing available analytical data.

Kissmetrics is more about marketing efforts with number analysis techniques, which will be used to expose a series of metric errors in the system that you are currently using.
This blog aims to help you track (track), research (analyze), and optimize (Optimize) your digital marketing efforts.

# Vero

Blog Vero is the best expert in email marketing. Vero enables engineering, products, and marketers to work together in designing interaction with a personalized customer.

Vero is a flexible tool that is useful for automating email for email marketing. Aside from that, Vero has not a few very unique resources on their blogs, including email marketing, automation, and not a few more.

# Moz Blog

Moz’s blog is about resources and learning like: advice, research, how to do things and so many insights about digital marketing. All of this was created to help improve your SEO and online marketing skills.

Moz also is the developer of a tool that has the name MOZbar, which is a tool to filter out SEO algorithms and keywords to submit insights about search engine scores on a website.

# Seth Godin

Seth Godin is a best-selling writer, entrepreneur, and marketing experience. Godin released a daily blog on the Typepad platform. His blog shows a short article about marketing, business, and leadership.

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